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22 Sep 2011

Liu Shuji Chapter 1335 of the mouth really sweet and weeping, said orders for thousands of girls, Liu Shuji pregnant is more traditionally performs strike and a far cry from the agreed point of time, it winds and sets the silver car brand to open to the Capital ghd sale Normal University dormitory downstairs. Shen Rao hospital day, he personally sent back, and claim to be a Shumenshulu. Rao Rao, your boyfriend is coming. has happened yet to see the upstairs, Liu secretary is not anxious to open the window, where leisurely smoke. Unexpectedly, there are sharp-eyed girl, all of a sudden the guy recognized Liu Xixi pull out, laughing and joking manner cried. Shen Rao hospitalized, she All the same room to another hospital accompany friends over, and everybody saw Liu Jun everyone. see Shen Rao and his talking and laughing, but also accepted delivery of the Pocket PC Liu Jun, they insisted, Rao Shen Liu Jun is boyfriend. Liu Shuji not deny. He just can not everyone that says he has a wife and son, but the idea of ??playing Rao Shen Bale. thing is that, Shen Rao himself did not deny it. study of their original mind, is about to ghd pure be a shield by Liu Jun, Li Mo, who better to shut out. Shen Rao lived on the second floor, heard from the ghd gold room immediately rushed out, leaned down to watch. The child ear thief spirit, people of a call out, immediately heard. Hey, sitting in the car doing? up ah see Rao Shen Liu Jun, very happy, smiling little girl cried wearing a plaid, shirt. a black miniskirt , long hair, tie a bit arbitrary, feet kicking a pair of white shoes, it is extremely gross toward the youth, involved in the North Korea charming.

Liu Jun waved with a smile: I’m in the car. You hurry up While here, students, few understand the Central Committee Liu Shuji, but also note that better. Case be recognized, spread out. Said Liu Shuji rest time, Capital Normal University in the ghd dark female body quarters of fear is not good. Shen ghd australia Rao to Pielepiezui, muttered: It’s boring. You Hu went to the dorm room and retracted. that Liu Jun was first discovered. roommate, then laughing and smiling away Come on Liu Jun said: male, can not think you quite thin skinned. The roommate’d looks good, oval face, big eyes, because the young’s sake, it is very bright, tall batches strong peaks, figure is the number one, Liu Xiao-Jun remember everyone called purple ghd her. Min. How do you make do not go up? Faster. To have dinner soon. Liu Jun said, laughing. And young people to deal with, Liu Shuji feel that they have become young again. Xiaomin eyes light up. Said: Yeah, you remember my name? Liu Jun smiling nod. If for the other The Xiao Nianqing, naturally some glib. said that such a pretty girl, of course I do. Words like easy way out. Daohai Buzhi Yu Liu Shuji is so ghd pink limited edition boring. If it were not, Xia Xiaoqing reasons, although he will still Rao Shen rescued from under the wheels, but most will not have another intersection. Rao Shen regarded as a special case, if the students are also mouth Rao Shen flower, too demeaning. Small Min Wu Liang’s eyes looked at him glances. Minzui smile, said: You and Rao Rao, having a hero to save the United States?


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